Turku University of Applied Sciences (Arts Academy, Well-Being Services and Health Care)

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) is one of the most attractive universities of applied sciences in Finland. TUAS is a multi-branch educational community of some 9000 students and 750 experts, and offers education that develops working life and entrepreneurship, research and development services (R&D) and holistic development of organizations. At TUAS it is possible to study for Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in seven different educational fields, update knowledge and skills at the Open University of Applied Sciences and through Continuing Education. Operational area of TUAS is Southwest Finland.

TUAS has a key role in MIMO. Independent faculties of TUAS are providing expertise in media and performing arts (Arts Academy), social work (Well-Being Services) and immigrant youth related issues (Health Care). TUAS has responsibility in coordination and management of MIMO. To utilize the previous experience: Well-Being Services coordinates the development and training of multi professional teamwork and Arts Academy the practice based use of the art-based methods.

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences (Youth Work)

HUMAK is the leading educator and developer in the fields of humanities and pedagogy and cultural management in Finland. It operates through a nationwide network. In the field of the humanities and pedagogy, HUMAK offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Civic Activities and Youth Work and in Sign Language Interpreting. In the field of culture, HUMAK offers a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Management. HUMAK currently offers a Master’s degree in NGO and Youth Work and in Cultural Management (together with Metropolia UAS) as well as Sigh Language Interpreting (together with Diaconia UAS). HUMAK also offers continuing education and extension studies in the form of adult education, retraining and upgrading of qualifications, specialization studies, Open University instruction and other extension studies. In English HUMAK is offering two M.A. degrees: EUMASLI (European Master in Sign Language Interpreting) and Youth Work and Social Equality.

In MIMO the role of HUMAK concentrates especially in youth work , multi professional and cross-sectoral actions, social media, research and publishing.

Viljandi Culture Academy (University of Tartu)

Viljandi Culture Academy is one of the five colleges of the University of Tartu. The Academy provides applied higher education and has offered a specialized education since 1952. UT Viljandi Culture Academy provides 1 BA (School Music) and 13 Diploma level studies in such fields as theatrical and dance arts, music, national handicraft, youth work as well as library and information sciences. There are also studies on MA level in co-operation with the University of Tartu Faculty of Education: the master programme on Educational Sciences. Since 2009/2010 Viljandi has also offered MA level studies on School Music and Traditional Music in co-operation with Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Viljandi Culture Academy sees its raison d’être in sustaining and developing the values of Estonian national culture. Although Estonian culture has received influences from different directions it still has its roots deep in ancient Estonian folk traditions.

In MIMO Viljandi Culture Academy represents the Estonian expertise in the field of performing arts and is responsible for the to the youth groups in Estonia. In the implementation of the project Viljandi will provide training for voluntary workers working with youth groups and organize performing arts clubs for youth. Viljandi will also take part in organizing MIMO seminars and summer schools and involve speakers from Estonia in these events.

Von Krahl Theatre

Von Krahl Theatre was the first privately-owned theatre in newly independent Estonia. It was established in 1992, although the actual history of this theatre begins earlier and is closely connected to the leader of the theatre Peeter Jalakas. Since 2003 activities of Von Krahl Theatre have expanded and ultimately led to forming a completely new entity in Estonian culture – Von Krahl Academy.

Von Krahl Theatre has predominantly been engaged in two fields of action: laboratory work with a purpose of finding and developing specific acting and theatre tools; and administrative activities that include performances, international communications and theatre festivals. Von Krahl Theatre wants to continue being different and open to experiments, although the institution itself as well as the artistic quality are growing more professional.

In MIMO Von Krahl Theatre will combine these fields of expertice by creating a team of young theatre professionals and focusing its work towards street theatre performances made with youth. Von Krahl Theatre will modify its expertise in the area of creative and artistic issues into theatrical methods. Von Krahl will also provide possibilities for youth to perform and participate in a youth band contest.

PW Partners AS

PW Partners (PWP) is a professional management consulting company established in Estonia in 1992. The company aims to help organizations make decisive improvements in their direction and performance by initiating breakthrough ideas for clients in Estonia’s rapidly changing business world.

PWP has been the leading partner from Estonia since the conceptual idea of MIMO. The concept and the strategy of MIMO in Estonia was developed by PWP, co-operatively with Viljandi Culture Academy, Von Krahl Theatre and the Finnish partners of MIMO.

Youth Services Centre

The City of Turku Youth Services Centre (TYS) follows the basic youth work principles that have been set in the Youth Work Act: the support of youth growth and civil activities, and improvement of living conditions. The goal is to guarantee an enjoyable life and freedom for young people. Youth work means Youth Services Centre and Board of Youth Affairs.

The task is to provide young people with versatile leisure-time opportunities, support them in matters relating to employment, industrial training and education, instruct them in the process of internationalization and support, assist and guide them so that they could achieve a better control of their lives and get included in the mainstream society.

MIMO project focuses in this particular topic and tries to promote the participation of the socially excluded youth with fewer opportunities and youth with social apathy. The role and task of the TYS is to plan and implement seminar, summer school and several clubs and workshops for youth, provide premises, technical support and especially expertise in the development of art-based methods applications in youth work.