Rhythm Alive in the Community




The seminar was held on tuesday 5.4. at 9–16 and Wednesday 6.4. at 9–16.30, at Sigyn Hall, Linnankatu 60, 20100 Turku.

The MIMO- and OSLA- (Old Spaces, Living Art) projects organized the seminar together.

Rhythm Alive in the Community was an international seminar held in Turku in the beginning of April. In the seminar, various ways of applying art-based methods in youth work were presented in a hands-on manner. The seminar presenters were professionals from Finland, Estonia and the USA. In addition to expert presentations, there were case study presentations and, based on these, diverse workshops.

Seminar was organized entirely at Sigyn Hall and other spaces of Arts Academy.

The seminar was organized by MIMO project (Moving In, Moving On! Application of Art Based Methods to Social and Youth Work) in cooperation with OSLA project (Old Spaces, Living Art; www.turku2011.fi/osla), funded by Turku 2011 Foundation. MIMO is a three-year project partially funded by the Central Baltic Program. MIMO aims to develop art-based methods to be used in social and youth work. The project offers theater and dance based workshops for groups of young people, including youth at risk of marginalization. The project also aims to find new ways for schools to participate in young people’s spare time activities and hobbies.

The seminar’s evening event with keynote speaker Billy Siegenfeld’s Jump Rhythm Jazz ProjectPerformance took place in Manilla (Itäinen Rantakatu 64, 20810 Turku) on Tuesday, April 5th at 19.00. The participants had an opportunity to see a performance by professor Siegenfeld’s Emmy-Award-winning dance theater company. The Jump Rhythm Jazz Project Dance Company (www.jrjp.org) was founded in New York in 1990 and can be described as an innovative system of vocal-rhythmic movement. Particiopation to the evening event was free of charge.