Katoavan taiteen ilta 2.12.2011 (The Night of Disappearing Art)

The Art and Activity center for youth in Turku will host the Night of Disappearing Art in Vimma on the 2nd of December 2011 at 5 pm. The Night will proudly present plays that the young actors have planned together with their directors: Toivolantie 1 (Hope Street 1) by the Theatre Club of child welfare services provider CTM Oy, Supertytöt! (Super Girls) by Tyttöjen talo (Girls House) and extracts from the play Haistattelynäytelmä (“Fuck You Play”).

The actors of the play Toivolantie 1 (Hope Street 1) are youth and employees from the child welfare services provider CTM Oy. The actors have participated in their own theatre club since March 2011. Club activities have consisted of performativity exercises and rehearsals of the actual play, just like in real theatre. The actors have also participated in the content production of the play. Everyone has invented the character he or she is playing.

Supertytöt! is a story about girls who are not just ordinary girls. They are members in two different girl gangs. One of the gangs uses its powers for good, the other for evil, trying to destroy all the friendship from the city they live in. The play is about friendship and the lack of it. What is your superpower?

The opening night of Haistattelunäytelmä will be held in August in the Rope Gallery of the Arts Academy of TUAS. The Night will offer treats from the upcoming play. Haistattelunäytelmä is still a working title. The play has its roots in the opinion of the youth and issues that are important to them. The energetic play is steeped in punk and anarchy, speaking – even screaming –about things as they are, using their real names

In addition the Night of Disappearing Art will present the Art Workshops of Vimma and exhibitions. The entrance to the event is free of charge.