The Perspectives on Young People´s Life – Seminar on October 9th 2013

The last MIMO seminar “Perspectives on Young People´s Life” was organized in Helsinki on the 9th of October at Humak University of Applied Sciences RDI-Centre of Helsinki (Ilkka). On the 10th of October the seminar was followed by an international student meeting of Finnish and Estonian MIMO students.

The Youth Situation in Estonia by Edgar Schlümmer
The Power of Creative Dance by Annika Lehtomaa
Young Heroes – Functional Peer Support in Mental Health by Markus Raivio
Promoting Inclusion and Preventing Exclusion of Young People – Youth Workers Crossing Professional Boundaries in a Diverse Society
by Antti Kivijärvi

Combating Bullying Through the Art-Based Methods by Tiia Wiitakorpi and Emmi Lehtonen
Why we all need the arts by Tommi Laitio
Psycho-social determinants of adolescent wellbeing, health and creativity by Fredrik Almqvist


10:00            Welcome to the MIMO Seminar “The Perspectives on Young People´s life”

10:05            Experienced in MIMO: Combating Bullying Through Art-Based Methods / Emmi Lehtonen and Tiia Wiitakorpi, Community Educator /Bachelor of Humanities students, Humak

10:25            The Youth Situation in Estonia / Anne Kivimäe, Director of Youth Division, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

11:10            Inclusion and Exclusion of Young People – Youth Workers Crossing Professional Boundaries in a Diverse Society / Antti Kivijärvi, Researcher, University of Eastern Finland & Youth Research Society

11:55            Experienced in MIMO: Empowerment through Creative Movement – Dance Improvisation for Young Asylum Seekers / Annika Lehtomaa, Occupational Therapy student, TUAS

12:15            Lunch

13:00           Why We All Need the Arts? Cultural Tools in Youth Work / Tommi Laitio, Director City of Helsinki, Youth Department

14:00           Young Heroes – Mental Health and Functional Peer Support / Markus Raivio, Music Therapist / Project Director

14:45           Coffee

15:15            The Psycho-Social Determinants of Adolescent Wellbeing, Health and Creativity / Fredrik Almqvist, Professor Emeritus in Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Family and Group Psychotherapist

16:00           Learning by Doing – Cultural Youth Work / Eeva Roiha, Head of Department, Turku Youth Services.

16:45            Closing the Seminar