There will be a lot of trashing in Köysiteatteri

I have had enough of you sons of bitches. You think that you are kings or gods. Hah! You are nothing. And you will become nothing. You can’t do anything. You don’t know how to care.

The whole play Haistattelunäytelmä – eli rakas paska maailma (Fuck You Play – a.k.a. Beloved Shit World) is a statement. The performance expresses opinions and a strong will to change the world. The texts and music created by high school pupils with authentic teen energy are the main elements of the punk-like, fierce and delicate play. The performance dares to shout but isn’t afraid to whisper the words of love either. Do you dare to demand for a change?

Fourth year theater student Hanna Vähäniemi has been working on a play together with the pupils from Juhana Herttua high school. The play will premiere in the 2nd of March 2012 in Köysiteatteri (TUAS Arts Academy, Linnankatu 56). The scrip of the play has been produced in a text workshop where seven high school students produced altogether 50 pages through collaborative writing.

Performances in Köysiteatteri at 7 pm:
Tue 6.3., Wed 7.3., Fri 9.3., Mon 12.3., Tue 13.3., Thu 15.3. and Fri 16.3.

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