MIMO was and is a success story!

MIMO project’s results clearly show that art-based methods combined with multiprofessional working methods in health care and social and youth work offer professionals new ways of working with the youth and increase the well-being of the youth. During the project´s lifetime the study module Art-Based Methods (10 ECTS) was created to support students and professionals in their learning process for multiprofessionalism. The educational focus was in art-based methods, multiprofessional working methods and in the skills and knowledge needed when encountering and supporting young people. 300 students and professionals have participated in the MIMO training provided during the project. Creating the multiprofessional study module was challenging but the end results have been very rewarding!

Multiprofessional teamwork has proven to be an effective and useful working method when working with young people. MIMO has reached over 5.000 young people through different performances, clubs and events. The organised activities provided opportunities for artistic self-expression through theatre, dance, photography, visual arts, puppetry, music and digital storytelling. The feedback was very touching and rewarding to the professionals who have been committed to their work as innovators and pioneers in the development of multiprofessional cooperation.

MIMO project ended officially on the 31st of December 2013. However, the work of the project still continues. Expertise and experiences gained in this project will avail professionals working with the youth. Our project produced four publications that will provide social and youth workers, artists and health care professionals discussions of the art-based approaches to work with the youth, different encounters and experiences (also the challenging moments) in this work and give concrete ideas to art-based group work. All publications can be found in MIMO project’s website.

MIMO project was created and carried out by more than 100 people in partner organisations from Estonia and Finland. In addition MIMO project has engaged over 50 organisations in its 500 activities. I want to thank all the creative, enthusiastic and committed people who have believed in this project and have made this fantastic project come true.

Johanna Krappe
Project Manager of MIMO